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Blogpost: What made California successful in climate policy?

I’m on my way to Sacramento, the capital of California. The grass is brown and the air is yellowish and hazy due to fires. In a week from now the fires will spread rapidly, consume homes and vineyards in the wine districts north of San Francisco and kill more than 20 people. The fires fuel the debate of climate change and strengthen the engagement from people and politicians in California. One may think that with Trump as United States’ president climate action has halted in the US. But not here in California.

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Policy brief: Five myths about an EU ETS carbon price floor

The brief outlines different perspectives on the past performance of the EU Emissions Trading System (ETS) in terms of its allowance price (Section 1), analyses how the recent reform responded to related challenges (Section 2), and considers the case for introducing a carbon price floor in the EU ETS (Section 3). The main part of the brief (Section 4) identifies five myths in the debate of an EU ETS price floor and critically confronts them. Section 5 concludes by discussing potential entry points for introducing a carbon price floor in the context of the upcoming EU climate policy process.

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Companion Policies under Capped Systems and Implications for Efficiency—The North American Experience and Lessons in the EU Context

This paper by Mistra Carbon Exit research fellows, Dallas Burtraw, RFF, Lars Zetterberg, IVL and Amelia Keyes, RFF,  reviews the interaction of cap and trade with other (companion) air quality and sectoral policies and discusses mechanisms that address inefficiencies, with lessons for the EU.

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