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Summary from the Mistra seminar: Reaching net-zero emissions in the EU by 2050

Together with the Swedish permanent representation to the EU, Mistra organized a seminar on June 4 in Brussels where Lars Zetterberg, Programme Director of Mistra Carbon Exit, participated. The topic of the meeting was the transition to a fossil free economy in Europe.

The starting point was the European Commission’s long-term strategy, which was published in November last year and which will be negotiated among the member states during 2019. Ambassador Åsa Webber introduced the seminar by stating that it is no longer a question of “if” the net-zero target is to be met, but “how”.

Lars Zetterberg described the industrial transition in the following way:

- All sectors must undergo this transition. It is promising that much of the technologies necessary for a fossil free transformation are already well known and there is a strong commitment within the heavy industry divisions in Sweden, among them steel and cement. However, Lars Zetterberg underscored that what will be needed are improved financial incentives for the business sector.

Read the full summary and download the presentations here.

Jessica Kriström