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Uppsala awarded this year's Global Climate City

The City of Uppsala, one of Mistra Carbon Exits partners, mainly working in the local arenas case study, has been awarded this year's Global Climate City in WWF's urban challenge One Planet City Challenge.

The jury's motivation states, among other things, that "Uppsala has ambitious, innovative and scientifically set goals, for example renewable energy and sustainable mobility. Investments in transport infrastructure were especially appreciated by the jury. Although Uppsala is a small city, the jury believes it serves as a global model."

Uppsala's climate goal is that local transport and energy use should be fossil-free by 2030 - there after Uppsala will be climate-positive in 2050. Sustainable mobility is supported by the municipalities development of infrastructure for electric vehicles and public transport as well as improving the conditions for cyclists. In the local cooperation Uppsala Climate Protocol, which the municipality operates since 2010, around 30 major actors from different sectors of society contribute to the achievement of Uppsalas climate goals.

Read more at Uppsala Municipality and WWF

Kerstin Kristoferson