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Mistra Carbon Exit at the Swedish Climate Policy Council

In September Frances Sprei, Chalmers and Mistra Carbon Exit and Daniel Johansson, Chalmers and leader of Mistra Carbon Exit case study on transport, were invited to the Swedish Climate Policy Council to present their research.

 - The presentation focused on what part autonomous vehicles can play for the development of the Swedish transport system, focusing on passenger transport and related impacts on the sector's energy use and CO2 emissions, says Daniel Johansson.

- For our part, the Climate Policy Council is one of the key players in Sweden to have an exchange with. This is partly because of the dissemination of our results, and partly because they are aware of the specific challenges facing Swedish climate policy. The latter can be an important source of inspiration for interesting research issues.

The Swedish Climate Policy Council started its activities in January 2018. The Climate Policy Council is an independent scientific council with the task to assess if the overall policy of the Government is compatible with the climate goals. The secretariat is placed at the research council Formas.

Kerstin Kristoferson