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The Haga Initiative - partner of Mistra Carbon Exit

The Haga Initiative is a group of 14 companies that aim to reach zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, 15 years ahead of the Swedish government’s climate neutrality goal. “We know that it is possible and that it can create great business opportunities, given the right policies.”

We believe that Mistra Carbon Exit is an important research programme, because it addresses the key issues that need to be solved if we are to reach our climate goals. The programme assembles researchers from fields like engineering, economics and behavioural science – all necessary for the climate transition to happen. Finally, Mistra Carbon Exit involves actors like us who work to implement climate solutions in our everyday operations and gain hands-on-experience of emission reduction technologies and methods.

The member companies of the Haga Initiative are active in all parts of the economy – from energy to insurance via food and chemicals. We know that climate change cannot be solved by one single measure. We want to contribute to the programme with our real-world examples and tests of everything from advanced technological solutions to new business models or communications activities. We hope that the insights we gain can be valuable for researchers and that they may also spread throughout society.

To reach the climate goals, Sweden needs to cut emissions by half (or more) by 2030 and it is very clear that all actors involved in the transition must speed up the change, not least companies and policy-makers. By moving quicker and setting tougher goals, the Haga Initiative wants to show that zero climate impact is possible and makes sense for business. Nils Westling Head of research and economic analysis, The Haga Initiative

Jessica Kriström