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Energy Carriers in the Cement and Steel Industry

On April 23rd the Case Study on Energy carriers organized a workshop focusing on energy carriers in the iron, steel and cement industry. The aim of the workshop was to share knowledge and to identify energy carriers and associated challenges for further analysis within the energy carrier case study.

During the forst art of the workshop Mikael Nordlander, Head of R&D Portfolio, Industry Decarbonisation, Vattenfall presented "Hydrogen production as a flexible electricity consumer", Mårten Görnerup, ceo,  Hybrit presented "HYBRIT -a zero-emission pathway for the steel industry" and Stefan Sandelin, R&D Manager Cementa presented "Energy carriers in a zero-emission cement industry".

The afternoon consisted of group discussions:

  1. Sketching energy carrier options to attain zero emissions for the iron, steel and cement industry
  2. Mapping of perceived challenges and barriers for the different energy carrier options (e.g. Technology readiness levels, economy, regulatory, international competitiveness,...)

For more information please contact Lisa Göransson, Chalmers, Case study leader Energy Carriers