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Comment on UN's IPCC climate report (Ny Teknik, in Swedish): Three methods for negative emissions

The Special Report on Global Warming of 1.5°C was approved by the IPCC on Saturday in Incheon, Republic of Korea. It will be a key scientific input into the Katowice Climate Change Conference in Poland in December, when governments review the Paris Agreement to tackle climate change. Lars Zetterberg, IVL, Program director Mistra Carbon Exit and Filip Johnsson, Chalmers, Vice Program Director Mistra Carbon Exit, comments on the report in Ny Teknik (2018-10-09).


According to the IPCC, rapid and wide-ranging changes in the energy sector, industry and the construction industry is required to reduce emissions and reaching the 1.5-degree target. CCS can be a possible way. However, it may also be necessary to achieve negative emissions in the future. In essence there are three different techniques today for doing so; BECCS (Bio-CCS), planting new trees and DAC (Direct Air Capture).

Read the comment on Ny Tekniks website

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