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Workshop Report: Identifying opportunities and challenges associated with zero-emissions transformation of the transport sector

In the workshop we will explore and discuss the focus of the transport case study and how we can work together on it.

The key issues we are planning to explore in the transport case study are:

  • how a large scale introduction of autonomous vehicles and increased utilization of mobility services may affect transport demand and in what ways;
  • how the integration of autonomous vehicles and mobility services might affect supply chain innovations, and the supply of low-CO2 energy carries such as electricity, biofuels and hydrogen;
  • how these potential changes impact greenhouse gas emissions associated with the transport sector supply chain; and
  • how the integration of low-emitting and autonomous vehicles can be steered in a direction that aids an effective realization of the greenhouse emission targets.

For more information and registration (no later than January 15th) please contact: 

Daniel Johansson