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Growing Demand for Electric Cars Poses a Challenge for the Energy Sector

If the German government wants to massively increase the amount of electric cars on German roads, this will present new challenges for the energy sector. One particular problem are the distribution grids, which are currently ill-prepared for the additional demand that would be generated by an increased number of households with electric cars. This is the central finding of the latest ZEW Energy Market Barometer, a survey carried out by the Centre for European Economic Research (ZEW), Mannheim, among energy market experts.

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Companion Policies under Capped Systems and Implications for Efficiency—The North American Experience and Lessons in the EU Context

This paper by Mistra Carbon Exit research fellows, Dallas Burtraw, RFF, Lars Zetterberg, IVL and Amelia Keyes, RFF,  reviews the interaction of cap and trade with other (companion) air quality and sectoral policies and discusses mechanisms that address inefficiencies, with lessons for the EU.

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"Case studies is a valuable platform for exchanging experiences"

Initial work in our case study has created a common understanding of the current status and best practices within the supply chains of Buildings and Transportation infrastructure. We have also begun to identify key challenges and knowledge gaps that need to be overcome to meet the goal of net zero greenhouse gas emissions by the year 2045.

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